Still not sure ?

your intuition always knows what you need and will direct you to what can fulfill these needs. I have heard many times over how amazing my energy session makes my clients feel. I am always so full with joy in knowing that I can provide this sense of well being to others.

I am grateful that I listened to my intuition when I was Given this ability to help people who are being awakened and need support and to hear it is OK to follow your light!

If there is a chance that experiencing my Session can actually be better than anything you’ve tried before, why wouldn’t you gladly come meet me?

Maybe if I explain my philosophy:

The human body has so much potential to relax its muscles, and to heal itself if we just give the human body enough time to heal. It has been proven that many illnesses can disappear. The human body relaxes muscles and does most of its repairs during sleep. That’s why sleep is so important. Sleep does everything for the human body because during sleep, our bodies can relax, fully and concentrate on healing so we wake up fresh and ready for our day. people have found that massage forces the human bodies muscles to relax during the course of just one hour, so massage is used to force the body to rest in less time than sleeping all night. So my session is designed to allow the human body the time to relax and heal. It allows the body to gently do what it does best and relax. my energy session satisfies the human bodies most primary need. The need to be touched. Being scratched over the whole body for any amount of time is truly heavenly. We all need to be touched from the earliest age on. It is a need as basic as our need for air, water, food, shelter, and clothing.

Having your back tickled, takes you back to childhood memories of your grandmother, or your mom tucking you in at night tickling you or rubbing your back. As humans we need to know this comfort and nurturing, and this is the way to come back to that sense of well-being.

I could go on and on about the need to be touched. I do know there are serious consequences to not being touched. Most of the research focuses on the need for touching babies. The research neglect the need for touching as adults. nevertheless, the human body knows what it needs. When our body needs water, it tells us we are thirsty and so we get something to drink. It tells us we’re hungry, so we eat. Our body tells us if it’s too cold, or too hot. In fact, scientists believe that our body can direct us to the specific nutrients we need! So whether you’re craving relaxation or your body Needs to be touched, it’s telling you to come to meditation time and try my signature energy session.

You will be able to relax and have my nurturing energy fixed on you! I have been told it’s something that you and your skin (largest organ on our bodies) will never forget.