My Book

Harmony for TWO: A guide to deepening your connection through Touch and Sound

Harmony for two comes out of me to intentionally share my story of how I have found many clients seeking energy healing modalities to fill a void or lack of nurturing affection in their long term relationships.

p>My perspective has had an impact to awaken my own self love and acceptance. We should all know that it is ok to need to feel loved and appreciated in life. WoW!

I really want to help as many couples as I can to wake up their desire to show affection in their lives and be proud that they are with a partner they have known and grown with and can not replace.

I have a simple guide to help you understand Touch and Sound healing. Explore the bodily benefits that these modalities can deliver and some ideas to create your own "Weekly Togetherness Routine".

I know it works to improve the well being of others, from years of personal experiences and conversations shared with both women and men. Enjoy and Love one another.

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My Book

Inviting Solitude into your Life : sharing my journey

This is just a view of Solitude from my personal life experiences. I believe there are others who may be looking for themselves through our busy world and daily chaos when a few days of solitude can do wonders for many lives. Learning to become more independent, know themselves better, and to grow self-love are a few benefits many people experience with incorporating mindfulness in their lives.

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