1.5 hour Signature Energy Session by Victoria

3 touch modalities relaxing mind body & soul-leave renewed.

or just pick one for 30 min separately anytime you’d like to try just one modality.

My body rub session works like this: I will ask you to get comfortable (it is best to wear formfitting athletic wear, or undergarments would be fine) however you are most comfortable. You will lie down on the table facing up to begin. My signature body rub is a near therapeutic body rub. I have my own signature style and energetic touch. My individual technique along with my nurturing energy intends to return a sense of well being to anyone’s day. I stand at the head of the table and start by relaxing, your shoulders and upper back muscles. To begin you will relax and breath as I rub your scalp using my fingertips to firmly caress your scalp all over.  From there, moving to your temples. gentle face touches, gentle pressure near the jaw, chin and cheeks.  Then I use two index fingers to relax the pressure points at the bridge of your nose and the base of each of your ears. I will gently rub your ears, I will repeat briefly all the steps in the same sequence along the way. Next, I will begin with your left arm, hands and fingers. I will start with your shoulders, stretching out your arms and working downward towards your hands. Then I will follow with your upper arms, followed by your lower arm muscles and then I will go to your hand rub. I will stretch out your hand from both sides, and then I will stretch out each finger and then I will use one hand to execute a whole hand stretch. Then I will do the same on the right arm, hand and fingers. Moving next to the leg, foot and toes of the left leg.  I will knead the upper leg muscles and the lower leg muscles. The feet will be rubbed and stretched and at last your ankles rotated. That will be the same on the right leg as well. You will then be asked to turn over on the table so we can move onto the final sections. The back consisting of the neck, shoulders and back.  I knead each side down and up with the pressure to stretch and soothe.  Next, I rub both sides at the same time using both of my hands. Throughout I use different techniques using all parts of my hands.  You will feel my thumbs, and knuckles as well as heels or my palms, but nothing uncomfortable. You then will be helped up from the table.   I am sure you will be instructed to drink lots of water, and I am very sure, you will be leaving with a smile and lifted spirits!   

My dermal session is designed to stimulate the middle layer of skin. it might sound difficult, but it’s as simple as a scratch. Having your whole body scratched is one decadent royal experience. I will start our session with you comfortable (undergarments work best) lying face up on the table. The session will start by scratching your scalp, after that onto the arms and legs. This helps you get familiar with this sensation. Then you will turn face down for the best back scratch of your life. I will not leave any physical marks. Just traces of emotion.   Pay attention to your body and mind. Try to relax through it deeply. I will softly place all fingernails on the point of your hairline where your neck begins. I will slowly bring all 10 of my fingernails straight down the center of your back over your spinal column, stopping at the top of your waist. Then I will lift my hands back up, move them back to your neck but about 2 inches over towards one side of your body, and slowly bring all my nails down the whole length of your back again. I will continue the scratching process until your whole back has been scratched.  One side all the way to the other side. That is just one trip down the back, next I will do the same thing except continuing over the buttocks and down the legs to the ankles and returning back up the opposite way. Finishing with the backsides of your arms going from your shoulders to your elbows and wrists to finger tips.  If it any time, it is too sensitive or uncomfortable in anyway, just communicate this with me. It is a decadent experience not for sensitive souls.

My fingertip session is designed to soothe and calm the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) I will be using my soft fingertips very  light touches. Light as a feather moving across your skin. For many parts of your body it may feel very much like a tickle. If any area is too much, I can adjust the pressure and hopefully find a tolerant touch or we will just pass over the ticklish spots. I will start at your neck and then move down your arm to your hands one side at a time so you can get an idea of this relaxing sensation and be more prepared for the very relaxing experience.  I will also tickle one leg at a time along the top with your eyes closed. You will notice feeling the nerves sending messages to the brain that you have not felt in a long time or maybe ever. This is an amazing part of the experience. When you are comfortable, you will turn over, face down on the table, and just relax. The same kind of treatment with soft, gentle touch will begin like this… I will follow the same pattern for the arms, beginning from the neck, and coming down to the ends of your fingertips on both arms. For your back, I will use all my fingers in a straight line in a lawn-mowing fashion going all the way from the neck to the ends of your toes; I will repeat the neck to toe process from one side of body to the other. Soothing and gentle. You might be saying that you have not felt this relaxed in a long time. When you sit up on the table, take your time and you’ll be reminded to drink water throughout the day.